Unicorn of the Black River

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Unicorn of the Black River

Post  PurpleUnicorn on Sun Jun 01, 2008 1:29 am

You a unicorn in the north in a forest, it's very cold here and you have just found a black water river going through the forest, you have no idea what it does, only that its very bad. Can you find out about this river?

The River: (just imagine its in a dark snowy forest)

Types of unicorns:

Earth Unicorn:

The general type of unicorn, they are usually kind and friendly and helpful, but they can change their moods quickly, or have different personality, they can live in any climate, colors they come in: Any

Dark Unicorn:

Dark unicorns prefer cold climate, they are one of the most powerful type of unicorns, they use their power for dark and black magic, plus evil. They are not nice to other types of unicorns, but sometimes are nice to other dark unicorns, they can have fire manes, tails and up the side of their legs. Colors they come in: Black, very dark blue, very dark purple, red, or any other dark shade of a color.

Rainbow Unicorns:

These unicorns usually show when theres a rainbow out, but they rarely come out when there isn't a rainbow out. They are extremly shy, but yet friendly and caring, they can stand any climate. Colors: Multi colored

Sky Unicorns:

Agian, these unicorns are shy, but not as much as rainbow unicorns, they usually stay on clouds and watch below them, they do come down though, but only if they really dare themselves, they can stand any climate. They are usually blue with white patches, or white, rarely grey and black.

Sun Unicorns:

These unicorns are very eager to make new friends, they aren't shy at all, they are happy and sweet, they love hot climates and hate the cold, they very rarely go to the north. They are usually small but it isn't rare to see a tall Sun Unicorn, colors they come in: Yellow, orange


No powerplaying
Don't be rude
Fighting between character allowed, Not between players
NO wings, unicorns can fly without them
Don't RP here when i'm not on


Unicorn Type:
Preferable Climate:


Name: FlameHooves (Flame)
Unicorn Type: Dark
Color: Ver dark blue
Horn: red and black
Markings: Fire up side of legs
Gender: Stallion
Mane/Tail: Fire
Preferable Climate: Cold, snowy
Personality: Mean, not nice to other unicorn types, proud, nice to other dark unicorns


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Re: Unicorn of the Black River

Post  angiedrummond on Sun Jun 01, 2008 1:52 am

Type Dark
Gender:mare with no mate
Preferable Climate:cold and snowy
Personality: *Dark Unicorn Personality*Nice to other dark unicorns wants a mate real bad
one day while star was walking she bumped into flame


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Re: Unicorn of the Black River

Post  Miabec on Thu Apr 09, 2009 10:43 pm

Name: Dancer
Type: Eartth
Colour: Chestnut
Dancer trotted to meet the other unicorns

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Re: Unicorn of the Black River

Post  MajesticHooves on Sat Apr 11, 2009 7:42 pm


NAME: Ivory Sapphire (Ivory)
COLOR: White
HORN: Gold
MARKINGS: Gold hooves
GENDER: Stallion
PERSONALITY: King, helpful, caring and friendly.

Ivory Sapphire walked around in the icy cold snow, the climate temperature was perfect but something felt missing. He felt in the need of a mate.. any type even dark.. just a mate.

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Re: Unicorn of the Black River

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