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Clusters of rubbish - brown stones deposited beside the damsel's hooves, making faint pinging noises as they knocked into eachother. A muster of whispers and whistles were made, all about the small mare who stand limp, and incoherent, with her maw dipped under the cool shallows of the stream's edge. Dirty gray tendrils were kept dry, where at the ends, the russet - copper tones were let loose, quivering with the water's sluggish current. Maw was lifted, droplets of transparent water dripped off of her whiskers, into the shallows once more. Only standing at a dainty 16 hands, the dryad moved along the rim of the tawny - sanded bank, which silver hooves now left imprints in. A cracked croon of despair made it's way into the zephyr's constant movement, letting the call be carried to anyone who was near. Banners kissed her heels, and whipped at her rump. Minx slowed down, to lower her crania, and let it stay low to the ground. Appentages inched along the shore, slowly to solid ground. Orbs of obsidain spotted a small shelter, where the ember leaves of the oaks reached over it, and bedding of dry frass, and fresh grass, along with some flowers crawling up through the soil, into the zephyr.

Damsel rested herself into the meager patch, feeling dejected and somber. Nestled in her small spot, she knew she would find herself hear often. Swarthy shadows of the leaves, that mingled with eachother slowly came to a pause, but were startled to life, dancing in the wind once again. Analyzing the fact that the maiden was alone, she drifted to a calm sleep, but awoken hours after, the sun still creeping through the sky, of now not instead of dawn, but mid day. Harlot still stay put, humble in her small resting place.


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Fanfare trotted in proudly, her ears pricked, lightly scented with the dew drops. It was still early morning, the sun slowly coming up. Fanfare lightly stepped across the creek, lowering her head, picking her way through the less stony parts. The creek was soft, for the rain had not presented itself in over a week. Fanfare jerked her head up. She knew that there was another horse nearby. She whinnied lightly, not intending to disturb them, just letting them know that a horse was nearby.

Fanfare picked her way out of the creek, twitching her ears at the twigs snapping under her cleansed hooves. Fanfare weaved through the trees, thinking it might be time for a fill up. She saw an open meadow nearby, guessing that that was where the nearby horse was. She heard no reply, hence they were not disturbed. Fanfare walked calmly through the trees, splitting into the meadow ever so finely. She nosed the grass, flicking the dew drops off of the grades. She noticed the nearby horse. Very beautiful and grand. She attempted to not pay much attention.

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